Chaz DePaolo

Chaz DePaolo is an “International Blues Guitarist, Singer, Song Writer”, “New York State Blues Hall of Famer” and the recipient of the prestigious “Global Music Award” 2016 Silver Medal for “Outstanding Achievement and Emerging Blues Artist.”

Chaz has performed live with Buddy Miles, Jose Feliciano, Leon Hendrix, Commander Cody, Bernard Purdy, Michael Packer, David Maxwell, Blue Lou Marini, Brian Downey, Stephen A. Love, and Blues Luminary, Garry Cogdell.”

Chaz shared bills with Dr. John, Jack Cassidy, Chuck Rainey, Johnny Winter, Larry Coryell, Leon Hendrix, Cornell Dupree, Leon Russell, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and the Legendary Hubert Sumlin and Legendary Buddy Guy.

Chaz DePaolo was the lead guitarist and musical director for a 33 date European Tour for the Leon Hendrix Band (Jimi’s Brother) and the 2012 Tribute to Jimi Hendrix 70th Birthday Celebration at B.B.Kings Club in New York City. Chaz recorded and toured with the original Groundhogs Rhythm Section (Ken Pustelnik and Pete Cruickshank). Chaz Headlined BB Kings Club in Times Square, Manhattan, New York on November 22nd 2015.

Chaz DePaolo was featured on U.S. television “Fox and Friends” and in England on the BBC Network. United Kingdom’s “Blues Matters” Magazine in 2006 wrote “This man can develop into one of the most exciting talents in the 21st century in electric blues music.” Chaz has several critically acclaimed CD’S and a DVD under his belt, all receiving excellent reviews.

Chaz Depaolo has a style of Blues that has Pizzazz of Variety on every song that is fresh and invigorating to the soul & spirit of music lovers who do not like to be bored during a show or while listening to his cd’s. A true Blues Artist with Innovation and Originality who keeps his guitar talking throughout the whole concert performance. His Music simply makes people happy.


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You can book Chaz DePaolo by contacting his management at or buy his music at Smoke Tone Records, LLC


Big City Blues August/Sept 2016
Chaz DePaolo’s been to the rarefied heights of music and fallen to the lows of life but his “Resolution Blues”: An Acoustic Blues Journey may be his own redemption.
–Roger and Margaret White

Wolf Mann Music February 2016
One of the best with the electric guitar, Chaz DePaolo goes acoustic and old school, all songs recorded in true Blues style; His gravelly sound works well here and his side comments are a reflection of just how well he knows Blues history.

Fourth Coast Entertainment July 1st, 2016
Resolution Blues is different, as DePaolo trades in his electrified axe for an acoustic guitar. DePaolo steps out of the spotlight on this recording, leaving room for his band-mates to shine. DePaolo himself plays a staccato rapid-fire percussive acoustic guitar-and he sings from the heart. The focus here is not on his guitar virtuosity-dazzling though it is-but rather on the words and the stories behind the lyrics. Chaz plays it cool, strumming that acoustic, spicing it up with sharp little runs. I should mention too that DePaolo wrote all the songs, both words and music, plus the arrangements. – By John Berbrich

Blues Blast Magazine April 7th, 2016
Chaz DePaolo definitely has a great work ethic, and through his constant stream of gigs and tours he has developed a massive set of blues and rock guitar chops as well as a healthy stage presence as a killer frontman. Chaz has released a handful of albums as well as a live concert DVD, and all of them are very good. His fifth release is Resolution Blues: An Acoustic Blues Journey, which was recorded on February 20th of last year (his mom’s 80th birthday, by the way). Many will be hearing this man on an acoustic guitar for the first time. This is a fundamental change as this time he has to rely mostly on his voice to lead the band. . . DePaolo obviously put a lot of work into writing these songs, as they all have well thought out lyrics and they are very slick.. . after each listen I find new things. . . and this complexity makes Resolution Blues some of Chaz’s finest work yet. – Review by Rex Bartholomew

Galway Advertiser Jan. 28th , 2016
Chaz DePaolo the brilliant and most admired American blues guitar virtuoso returns to Galway. – Kernan Andrews

Galway Independent January 27th, 2016
Internationally critically acclaimed blues artist Chaz DePaolo returns to Galway to perform. Chaz DePaolo is a true blues artist with originality that has led him to international success and being inducted into the New York State Blues Hall of Fame. The artist has five CDs and a live DVD / CD Combo under his belt. Chaz DePaolo has a style of blues that is fresh and invigorating and has to be experienced live! – Adrian Holmes

“No Depression” Magazine, The Roots Music Authority October 4, 2015
A decade ago I first heard of Chaz DePaolo. . . Chaz delivered a 4 hour set of the electric blues. The crowd didn’t want him to quit. Prior, DePaolo and his band delivered a mid-day acoustic set. I was blown away. His command of the acoustic guitar, his voicing, intonation, the selective bends, staccato runs and fills captivated me. In the decade since then, Chaz DePaolo has played from coast to coast, over Europe and the UK, played lead guitar for Leon Hendrix Band, Jimi Hendrix’ brother, And Chaz was honored with induction into the New York State Blues Hall of Fame. DePaolo’s song writing has grown and matured steadily. In “Resolution Blues” which is Chaz DePaolo’s 5th release (Sept. 2015), and the first showcasing his command of the acoustic guitar. Hands down, his maturation as a lyricist and poet brings a brightness that shines throughout Resolution Blues. In the title track “Resolution Blues” Chaz tells us what the blues are about. But rather than waddle in the mire, he’s determined to rise again, to triumph over pain and sorrow; and in “Scars” DePaolo pushes us to grow from our pain. The Music in “Resolution Blues” feels good; you’ll want to listen to it over and over again. I would be surprised if this CD is not nominated for some awards. It’s that good. – Keith Gorgas

La Hora Del Blues (Spain) April 2015
“His DVD brings us a very well balanced selection of eleven songs that exceeds our expectation and shows Chaz is a skillful electric guitarist who brings us flaming and powerful guitar solos….”

Blues Matters February / March 2015 UK
“Chaz DePaolo has been living the Blues. . .from driving into Canada. . .to living in Bristol England. . . this boy has paid his dues. “One Night Live In Iona” comes as both CD and DVD format in the same package. . .Half the tracks are DePaolo originals.. . The Chaz DePaolo Band is a straightforward three piece band (sometime with a sax man). Chaz DePaolo is an interesting player. . .who demonstrates his dynamic and innovative style. – Merv Osborne

Blues Underground Network October 2014
“We get a new song on the DVD called “Slo Bite”, a tribute to the late great Roy Buchannan which lays to rest Chaz DePaolo’s virtuosity as a brilliant guitarist. Chaz DePaolo is certainly one of the best in the business and “One Night Live In Iona” proves it right from the opening notes to the last fading ones. It will blow you away!!!”

The Guide Sept 2014
“Its not everyday that a world class “Blues” act stumbles into Aurora,Co… If you can appreciate a solid 12 bar scheme,this guy rips them as good as anyone…”

Lancaster, Pa. News Paper July 2014
“By age 15, DePaolo was playing acoustic guitar. On his 17th birthday, however, he walked four miles just to get his hands on his first electric guitar. DePaolo has made quite the name for himself internationally and has packed his schedule with gigs, Such as Lancaster & Lebanon, Pennsylvania to New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Delaware, Virginia, Colorado and even Canada & Europe. DePaolo also has a secret: “I’ve been through hell in my life.” He attributes his passion for music and the people he has met throughout his career for his success—thus his upcoming album being titled “Serendipity.”
—Alexander Geli

The Citizen Standard March 2014
“As an 8 year old boy, Chaz DePaolo had no chance to save his teenage brother and sister from fatal paths of drug use. Although they are long gone, their images hang close to DePaolo’s heart as their images artfully displayed on the back of his favorite guitar. Today, DePaolo (48 and 12 years sober) is a New York State Blues Hall of Famer and a sober man…DePaolo chooses to share the harsh reality of his family and his own struggles with alcohol / drug addiction to spare people from this fate…I made it a point to do something with my life…the guitar saved my life, it gave me hope…you have to find something that makes you happy” Vicki Terwilliger (Note: DePaolo is in Demand for Play and Speak at Schools & Rehab Facilities to help other’s with their struggles in life).

Blues Blast Magazine June 2014
“One Night Live In Iona” gives insight into Chaz DePaolo’s live show that is always entertaining and tight. His command of electric “Blues” is undeniable and his playing is flavored with hints of Jazz and Funk. His technical skills are tempered by a genuine feel for the music..he is a Bluesman of the highest order.
–Rex Bartholomew

Press-Republican March 2014
“Chaz DePaolo’s family and personal trials were buckets-deep fodder for the blues, but it took him awhile to get around to singing it. Once he did, it’s had a hold on him ever since. Chaz DePaolo is grounded in the Blues and gives voice to the hard times of his own personal experiences and tragedies”
–Robin Caudell

TazTopic Articles 2013
“Chaz DePaolo keeps his guitar talking through the whole performance and his voice is pleasantly distinctive. He is a marketable treasure chest for any label that is looking for unique style. He is innovative, thinking outside the traditional blues box. Chaz DePaolo Concerts and recordings will never bore you, NEVER! Simply, his songs touch the heart & soul that make people happy. Don’t forget his character, DePaolo has integrity! He is honest, humble, thankful and approachable. Chaz DePaolo is a Genuine Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter BAR NON”
–Todd A. Zulick

Billtown Blues Feb 2014
“Chaz is as much a storyteller as anything. He, like so many in this day and age, is seeing the healing power of the music and in this time when the world is in a state of turmoil his music is a release for not only DePaolo but for his audiences as well…Like so many of the legends that have gone on before him, Chaz has played everything from small dives to large auditoriums. In either case, like the truly great among who Chaz DePaolo is, DePaolo gives 100% of himself at every performance”
–Bill Wilson

Elmore Magazine Feb 2014
“This aint’ no silver spoon white boy. Chaz DePaolo is the real deal. A genuine bona fide Blues man-from the hole in the wall road house to large festivals, Its Blues with a feeling. Showing a command of the Stratocaster with a throaty mid-range bark.”
–David Kramer

No Depression Magazine Jan 2014
“While rooted firmly in the Blues, DePaolo’s style fuses elements of jazz and classical music, delivered with a strong Rock n’ Roll back beat. Chaz is considered one of the “Masters of the Stratocaster” and his technical guitar ability takes a back seat to no one. This is evidenced throughout the performance.”
–Kieth Gorgas

Przemyskie Center of Culture and Science Performance Review Sept 2010
“During Chaz’s concert, the real demon of art. He showed amazing technique ad artistry, instrumental, and the “true heart” to the Blues, introducing an almost trance music that fascinated the audience”&
–Thomas Belinski/Poland

Roots Time Music Sept 2010
“Chaz DePaolo’s latest CD is just 37 minutes. Will he make good, the lack of quantity by the extra quality of his songs? Well, Chaz certainly does not disappoint… Without speaking of a masterpiece we are dealing with a handsome Blues release. Bluestopia as a business will only increase his fame soon.”

Blues Underground Network Sept 2010
“Bluestopia is one hell of a thrill ride with musical texturing and weaving like I have not heard in a long time on any album. This CD as you may have guessed simply blew me away and totally impressed me. I have not heard of Chaz DePaolo before being introduced to this album and why I really don’t know. He is simply a fabulous singer, songwiter and musician.”
–John Vermilyea/Canada

Blues Bytes August 2010
“Bluestopia is an excellent disc that shows Chaz DePaolo is adept at several different Blues styles. His guitar work and singing is first rate and he is developing into a solid songwriter.”
–Grahm Clarke/Canada

Pittsburgh Post Gazette July 2010
“DePaolo is a very smooth guitar player. He uses Blues and other influences, liquid guitar runs, plus some piano and sax for a nice full sound. It is contemporary Blues without sounding like Blues Rock which has its advantages.”

Blues Review Oct/Nov 2009
“DePaolo holds things together instrumentally with a hearty, clean guitar sound and a liquid but incisive style.”
–Tom Hyslop/Blues Bytes

Blues Matters UK August/September 2009
“Chaz DePaolo is one of those Bluesmen who seems to be permanently on tour. This is an enjoyable album; straight from the off on the album opener you can’t help but be impressed by the guitar work of DePaolo…”
–Stuart A Hamilton

Billtown Blues July/August 2009
“Chaz is one hell of a guitarist with a widely diverse style. His vocals are strong and he is a better than average song writer and arranger. This is the real deal, genuine, heartfelt and able to reach the heart of the listener.”
–Bill Wilson

Illinois Blues Blast July 2009
“Chaz De Paolo has an impressive vita, so one would naturally expect impressive guitar picking on “Bluestopia”, and one gets it amply…Chaz’s single string picking is elegant and tasty, and he adds just enough short, occasional bursts of elaborate technique to keep it interesting. Just call “Bluestopia” a utopia of contemporary blues!”
–George Fish

Baltimore Blues Rag Dec/Jan issue 2008
“Flirtin’ With The Blues”
“The first major release from this New Jersey guitarist/singer is a stunner… Chaz DePaolo is destined to be a big name on the blues circuit. “Flirtin’” will enhance his career quickly. A highly recommended disc.”
–Bill Camp

Blues Revue Jun/Jul 2007
“Chaz De Paolo is a fretburner with strong, undistorted Stratocaster tone (often a ‘la Stevie Ray Vaughn), chops, and a grip on dramatic dynamics that brings a level of interest to his blues-rock compositions and covers.”
–Tom Hyslop

Blues Matters-UK Jan/Mar 2006
“Welcome to the world of commercial blues/rock music with this superb debut from a gifted young axeman with a soulful voice from, New Jersey… …this man can really develop into one of the most exciting talents in 21st Century electric blues music.”
–Dave Scott

Blues Matters-UK Feb/Mar 2007
“Review of performance with Original members’ of “The Groundhogs’ Rhythm Section” of Pete Cruickshank and Ken Pustelnik in Bristol England September 2006….Chaz is a guitarist, showman and a joy to behold without the artificial schmaltziness that sometimes pervades some US acts when over here in the UK.”
–Diane Gillard